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             UAIS EQUIPMENT

  • Universal Automatic Identification System (UAIS) - it's a new generation of marine technology for the safety of navigation. UAIS is designed to improve the safety of navigation on the high seas and coastal waters through the automatic exchange of navigation, static and voyage information between the ships and shore stations. According to the updated chapter V "Safety of Navigation" SOLAS equipment UAIS is mandatory for a displacement of 300 tons vessels and more.
  • Vessel symbol observed on the screen has a size corresponding to the actual dimensions of the vessel, and is oriented towards gyrocompass course that allows the VTS operator to easily evaluate the drift angle and displacement of the vessel to the channel axis.High accuracy of determining the location of the ship and its orientation to be achieved in the UAIS, allow a few miles clearly establish the location of the vessel, not only on the roads at anchor, but in the immediate vicinity of the berths or buildings other vessels.

  • UAIS systems are designed today in accordance with the latest international requirements.Company's developers are actively involved in shaping the technology policy IMO, ITU, IEC and IALA, attracted as experts working groups.This makes it possible to predict trends in the development of a system of standards.

  • (AIRCRAFT) used to oversee the vessels, may also observe UAIS mark on a dedicated onboard electronic chart systems.
  • Information from the UAIS goes to show how easy the ship on the digital display, the ECDIS or the radar and the screens VTS and coastal services.

    UAIS equipment must meet the requirements of international standards:

   IMO MSC.74(69), Annex 3;  
   ITU-R M.1371-1;  
   ITU-R M.1084-4;  
   IEC 61162-1,2,3;  
   ETS 300 113.  



       Complete set :

  • Main unityТ105B
  • VHF antenna
  • Antenna GNSS (GLONASS / GPS)
  • Control facility and displays, type ECDIS/EKS or MKD (optional)
  • Installation complete  
  • Power supply cable.

      Main unit :

  • VHF tranponder TDMA,  two VHF - receivers TDMA ;
  • Receiver GNSS GLONASS/GPS ;
  • Communication processor ;
  • Built-in control of working capacity(BIIT) ;
  • Secondary power supply ;
  • Interfaces : out. NMEA 0183, USB, In. NMEA0183, NMEA 2000LEN=1.

  • T-105B is installed on the vessels which aren't under the convention SOLAS (The rule 19, chapter V). AIS Transas of T105B conforms to requirements imposed to UAIS of a class "B": IEC 62287-2, recommendations of ITU R M.1371-4 and in the part concerning to the standards IEC 61108, IEC 60945, IEC 61162 1,2.
  • Modification of UAIS for vessels of the river in addition accepts and transfers information according to the Resolution No. 63 of ECE (The international standard for detection systems and tracking of vessels on internal waterways – Vessel Tracking and Tracing Standard for Inland waters. Inland AIS Standard, Ed. 2, November, 2007).




   Description :       

  • use of signals of the GLONASS/GPS system for synchronization of reception/transtittion information of AIS ;
  • reception of data on a radio channel from other vessels and coastal centers ;
  • transmittion of own data on a radio channel for use by other vessels and coastal centers ;
  • saving the static data intended for automatic transfer to a radio channel ;
  • in case of malfunction of the external receiver: determination of coordinates and parameters of the movement of the vessel by means of the built-in GNSS receiver capable to increase the accuracy of determination of coordinates when using differential amendments ;
  • data exchange with other objects of AIS and the ship equipment according to the AIS standards ;
  • reception of static, additional dynamic data and binary messages for transfer on a radio channel ;
  • issue of information on working capacity and operating mode of AIS ;
  • display of a relative arrangement on the minimum display ;
  • delivery of navigation signals in ship system of the security notification ;
  • single European identification number of the vessel (MMSI), type of vessel or structure, availability or lack of freight onboard the vessel ;
  • Dispay AIS targets ;
  • Full information about displayed targets ;
  • Sending and receiving text messages and information about targets ;
  • Quick search of the targets by the name, IMO, MMSI and call sign ;
  • Allocation of the chosen target on the screen of the electronic card .
  • The Universal Automatic Identification System (UAIS) is intended for increase in safety of navigation in the open sea, coastal waters and internal waterways, by automatic exchange of navigation, static and voyage information between vessels and shore stations.
  • According to requirements of chapter 5 "Safety of navigation" of the international convention SOLAS since 2004 all vessels with the gross tonnage more than 300 tons have to be equipped with the UAIS equipment.

                   FURUNO UAIS FA-150



                    Description :        

  • Frequency RX / TX                   156.025 Мгц - 162.025 Мгц
  • Frequency GPS receiver                  1575.42 Мгц
  • Definition accuracy on GPS           10 М (HDOP≤4)
  • Display                                        4.5" LCD monochrome

                    Complete set :

  • UAIS transponder, FA-1501;
  • 4.5" display, FA-1502 with protect cover FP14-02801;
  • GPS antenna, GPA-017S;
  • Connaction cable -  5 m, MJ-A10SPF0012-050 (FA-1501/FA-1502);
  • CP24-00501 installation complete for FA-1501 (винт 5X20 SUS304 - 4 ps);
  • Power supply cable for display - 3,5 m, MJ-A35PF0013-035;
  • CP14-06001 installation complete for FA-1502 (винт 5X20 SUS304 - 4 ps);
  • CP24-00502  installation complete for GPA-017S (NJ-TP-3DXV-1 cable-converter - 1 ,  vinyl tape NO360 0.2X19X10000,
    N-P-8DFB plug- 2 ps., plug  TNCP-NJ - 1 ps., adhesive tape 0.5X19X5m);
  • Standard spare parts SP24-00101 (Fuses FGBO-A 3A AC125V - 2);
  • Instruction manual .
  • Compact display 4.5 inch ;
  • Completely conforms to the international requirements and standards: IMO MSC.74(69),  ITU-R M.1371, IEC 60993-2, IEC 60945/MTSA 2002 - U.S. AIS ;
  • Providing output for Radar, ECDIS ;
  • Easy to use ;
  • Additional software for the PC ;
  • Provides data of AIS in real time for the prevention of collisions.

  • FURUNO offers reliable qualitative UAIS for safe navigation.
  • AIS FA-150 is developed for improvement of navigation safety by means of observation of other vessels equipped with AIS.

FURUNO FA-30 UAIS - receiver


       Description :         

  • Increases safety of navigation, obtaining important navigation data from the vessels equipped with AIS transceivers ;
  • Much more improves awareness under any weather conditions, such as dense fog, night-time and the overloaded waterways ;
  • Two parallel channels, the developed "full duplex" receiver accept messages of AIS to 100% more often than 'Multiplex' receivers ;
  • The highly sensitive receiver with a synthesizer automatically switches between international and the AIS local channels ;
  • The additional antenna splitter allows to use one VHF the antenna for VHF of the station and the AIS receiver ;
  • Network exit for NavNet 3D/vx2 and the personal computer for duplication and convenience of connection ;
  • Serial exit for connection to various systems of radar station and chart plotters ;
  • The software of AIS Viewer for onboard PCs or installation ashore ;
  • Installation on a wall and small consumption of energy, expanded entrance power supply for easy installation .
  • FA-30 represents compact and the AIS economic receiver developed especially for small commercial, pleasure and fishing boats.
  • Detection and tracking of vessels near your vessel is necessary for safe and effective navigation. The AIS FA-30 receiver of production FURUNO accepts data from other vessels equipped with AIS transceivers, improving your provision about a navigation situation, allows to steer the vessel most safely.


     Desciption :           

  • Completely satisfies to technical standards for a class B , IEC 62287-1.
  • Accepts AIS-information both a class A, and a class B.
  • Increases safety of sailing by exchange of navigation information from AIS equipped vessels closely.
  • Considerably increases the level of situational awareness even in the conditions of fog, darkness or the overloaded waterways.
  • Output data: NavNet 3D, NavNet VX2 and PC using Ethernet.
  • Compatibility with radar's and chart plotter's.
  • The strong design easily is established on a wall.
  • Ethernet output for the connecting to NN3D, NNVx2 and also PC.
  • Output NMEA-0183 (RS-422) for the connecting Radar, Plotters .
  • Input power supply: 12-24 VDC.
  • Current consumption: 2.0-1.0 A

     Standard complete set :

  • Transponder unit FURUNO FA-50 ;
  • Mounting kit ;
  • Standard spare parts ;
  • GPS antenna GPA-017S .

         Optional :

  • VHF antenna, antenna cable, plug's
  • Cable for GPS antenna - 15m. TNC-PS-3D-15[2000133670], 30m. CP20-02700 [2004381160], 50m.
    CP20-02710 [2004381170]
  • LAN cable .
  • FURUNO offers reliable qualitative AIS class B.
  • FA-50 doesn't work in GLONASS system, nevertheless can be used by shipowners. AIS FA-50 is developed for improvement of navigation safety by data exchange between the vessels equipped with AIS. FA-50 can obtain information of a class A and class B from other AIS transmitters.
  • Transfers data for NavNet TZtouch2 , TZtouch, 3D on an Ethernet network. Integration into a network with other radar and chart plotters is also possible

SAMYUNG SI-30 UAIS A - class



       Standard complete set :

  • Transponder SI-30R (or SI-30)
  • External controller SI-30D
  • VHF antenna SAN-150
  • Fastening of VHF of the antenna
  • Cable for VHF antenna (30m)
  • Connector for VHF antenna (2 ps)
  • GLONASS/GPS antenna SANG-5 for SI-30R
  • Or GPS antenna SAN-60 for SI-30
  • Connectors for the navigational antenna's (2 ps.)
  • Fastering of navigational antenna
  • SP-5AD power supply unit  10 A 220V AC - 24V DC / 12V DC
  • Connection cable  for ext controller and transponder
  • Cable power supply (3m)
  • User manual
  • Mounting kit.

        Optional :
  • Gyrointerface SAD -30DC,
  • Receiver of the fifferentsialny amendment SANB-300,
  • Extender of the pilot plug.

                  Picking can change in dependence on the requirement of the customer.
  • The ship equipment of universal AIS (class A) is intended for use on maritime and river vessels as navigation equipment and presented by two types of the equipment.
  • SI-30R include the AIS transponder with the built-in GLONASS/GPS receiver.
  • SI-30R include the AIS transponder with the built-in receiver. Both types completely meet the requirements of Sea Administration of Russia, Recommendations of MSE-R M.1371-1, the MEK 61993-2 standard which aren't lower than requirements of the Resolution of IMO MSC.74 (69) (appendix 3) and A.694(17), shown to transponders of this class.
  • This UAIS is equipped with the pilot plug for connection of a display system compatible to AIS and using the NMEA 0183.

     UAIS COBHAM / SAILOR 6280/6281 A-class



        Description :       

  • SAILOR 6280/6281it is the Automatic Identification System (AIS) of a class A of high quality and reliability. The system is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS).
    In addition to innovative design the SAILOR 6280/6281 system differs in high performance and is capable to provide acceptance and transfer of AIS data at any time.
  • Frequency range: 156,025-162,025 mHz (transponder SAILOR 6282),
   1570-1608 mHz (GPS-antenna SAILOR 6285)
  • Standard: IEC 60945, IEC 60950-1 (control panel SAILOR 6004)
  • Interface: LAN, 50 pin (transponder SAILOR 6282),  2 x Ethernet (10/100 Mbit/s)
   (control panel SAILOR 6004)
  • DCS:  build-in, receiver
  • P-OUT: 1 / 12,5 Wt
  • Input power: 10,8-31,2 В пост. т. (SAILOR 6282, SAILOR 6004), 1±5 VDC.,
   (GPS-антенна SAILOR 6285)
  • Consumption: 12 Wt (0,5 А/24 VDC) (SAILOR 6282); about 30 mА (SAILOR 6285);
   max. 42 Wt (SAILOR 6004)
  • Dimension: 160 x 270 x 42 mm (SAILOR 6282); diameter 91 mm х height 77,5 mm
   (SAILOR 6285);  191 x 145 x 61 mm  (SAILOR 6004)
  • Weight: 1,15 kg (SAILOR 6282); 0,15 kg (GPS-antenna); 1,1 kg (SAILOR 6004)
  • Working temperature: -15°C ~ +55°C (SAILOR 6282, SAILOR 6004);
   -40°C ~ +55°C (SAILOR 6285)
  • Store temperature: -30°C ~ +80°C (SAILOR 6282, SAILOR 6004);
   -40°C ~ +80°C (SAILOR 6285)
  • Resistance:  GPS-antenna SAILOR 6285: 50 Оm
  • Receiver TDMA:  156,025-162,025 mHz, DSC: 156,525 mHz (70 Ch)
  • Connectors:  TNC female

  • The modern design providing flexible opportunities of installation belongs to the main innovations of this AIS system. The main components of a complex of the equipment SAILOR 6280/6281 from Thrane & Thrane are:

  • UAIS transponder SAILOR 6282
  • Active GPS antenna SAILOR 6285
  • Control panel SAILOR 6004
  • Build-in full test system
  • Possibility of installation of one antenna (the combined GPS and VHF antenna)
  • Simple touchscreen management
  • Easy for installation
  • High performance
  • Ethernet connection

     UAIS JRC JHS - 183 A - Class



        Description :      

  • Transponder В - Class ;
  • 1 transmitter ;
  • 2 receivers. Reveive UAIS data all targets А & В ;
  • 1 DSC receiver ;
  • Conforms to the standard IP55 (display) ;
  • Conforms to the standard IP56 (transponder) ;
  • 2-collors LCD display 4.5" ;
  • Illumination of function keys ;
  • Simple intuitive menu ;
  • Installation on an arm or aflush ;
  • Function Zone-alarm ;
  • Alarm sound ;
  • Display and reception of data from radar beacons - SART ;
  • Self-diagnostics mode ;
  • Display to 200 AIS targets ;
  • Integration with navigational equipment ;
  • 2 - ports for the GPS and GYRO data ( Input ) ;
  • 1 - port for ECDIS or Radar ( Output ) ;
  • Accessories for JRC JHS-183
  • JRC JHS-183the class B transponder the important part of navigation equipment intended for reduction of probability of collision in the sea and when maneuvering.
  • The 2-colored display (white and orange) is intended for work both in the afternoon, and night-time.  
  • The simple intuitive menu, opportunity to set up a security zone, a disturbing sound signal, reception of data from radar beacons, the self-diagnostics mode, a possibility of display to 200 AIS targets, ability to integrate with navigation equipment.

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