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                   HAND - HELD GMDSS VHF RADIOS

  • Handheld VHF two-way communication is a means of rescue equipment and provides on-scene communication between survival craft and rescue vessels.It can also be used to work on a ship at the corresponding frequencies.Operational requirements for VHF - radio stations detailed in IMO Resolution A.605 (15) of 19 November 1987,according to which, on board any passenger ship (more than 12 passengers) must be at least three VHF radios;on a cargo ship with a gross tonnage of 300 to 500 reg. t - 2 and 500 register tons or more - 3 radio,which are installed in a place where they can be quickly transferred to the lifeboat or raft.In the ship's muster list must be specified is responsible for removal of FM stations to the life-saving appliances.The transceiver provides operation at the frequency 156.8 MHz (channel 16) and at least one additional simplex channel G3E emission class. "GMDSS" shall be marked on the station housing.

SAMYUNG Enc., Co., Ltd. STV - 160

       Description :

  • STV-160 (Samyung, Korea) is a portable marine double-channel VHF radio station. Water- and shockproof execution. Indicator of state of battery discharge. Indicator of level of received signal. Indicator of level of noise suppression system work.

  • Possibility of user programming with a help of PC. Self-diagnosis system. Function of economizing of battery charging. Switching on and switching off by one button. Possibility of maintenance in gloves.

  • Corresponds to the requirements of IMO regarding GMDSS. Has a type approval from RMRS and RRR. Has a type approval from DMT.

              Technical Data :

  • Frequency range (transmitter)                  156.025 - 157.425 MHz
  • Frequency range (receiver)                      156.025 - 163.275 MHz
  • Power supply voltage                                   7.2 VDC, 1350 mA
  • Output capacity                                           2W / 1W / 0.5W
  • Temperature range                                    from -20 to +60°С
  • Dimensions                                               125 х 65,1 х 36 mm
  • Weight                                                               420 g.
  • The equipment of two-way radiotelephone communication of GMDSS conforms to requirements of IMO to VHF.
  • Water protective (depth of 1 m within 5 min.) and shock-proof execution.
  • Indicator of battery capasity level.
  • RX-sugnal indicator.
  • Squelch indicator.
  • Possibility of programming channels by the user by means of PC.
  • System of self-diagnostics.
  • Function of economy of an expense of the battery.
  • Power ON / OFF by one key.
  • Possibility of operation in gloves.


ICOM IC - GM 1500 - R

       Description :         

  • By 1999, all SOLAS convention ships operating internationally must comply with the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) carriage requirements. These include specifications for survival craft handheld radios, requiring a minimum of 2 sets of such radios to be carried on cargo vessels of 300 to 500 GT; and a minimum of 3 sets to be carried on cargo vessels over 500 GT, as well as all passenger ships.

  • Pout - 2 Wt;
  • Frequency range - 156,300 - 156,875 mHz;
  • All maritime channels, 6 users channels;
  • 3 grids of channels (INT, USA, CAN);
  • 10 weather channels;
  • Function of scanning all channels;                              
  • Function Dual / Tri Watch;
  • Display illumination;
  • Fast button on 16 ch and calling channel;
  • Energy saving functions;
  • NiCd battery 1200 mA;
  • Emergency lithium battery 3600 mA .

  • GMDSS radio station of intrinsically safe execution, has the certificate on explosion proofness No. 393 on group 1 ExibiiBT5 X.
  • Level 1 - "the explosion-proof equipment" is appropriated to the station. The explosion-proof equipment in which protection is provided both in a normal operating mode, and at the damages defined, stipulated under operating conditions, except for means of explosion protection belongs to this category.
  • The station can be used in all gaseous environments corresponding to the temperature class T5. The tight design allows to guarantee operation at a depth up to 3 m within 5 minutes. The strong case provides preservation of working capacity when falling from height to 3 m.


ICOM IC - GM 1600 - R



      Description :            

  • Frequency range :                        156,300   -   156,875 mHz                                         
  • Modulation :                                              G3E
  • Channels :                 100 programm channels, All USA, Canada, ITU channels
  • Channel spacing :                                    25 kHz
  • Trnsmitter power :                                2 W / 1 W
  • Receiver sensitivity :                  0,25 mKv / 12 дБ SINAD
  • Input power :                                          7,2 V
  • Consumption current :                     not more than 1,0 А
  • Rated sound power :                               0,35 W
  • Battery average time of work :                  9 Hrs
  • Operation temperature :                 from –20°C  to +60°C
  • Entrance resistance of the antenna :             50 Ω
  • Protection index :                 1EXIBIIBT5 X  ( for model IC-GM1600R)
  • Dimension :                                     65 × 145 × 44 mm
  • Weight ( with Lithium battery pack ):           385 g.
  • Conforms to operational requirements of Resolutions of IMO A.809 (19), A.694(17) and IEC 61097-12.
  • The version approved by RMRS in intrinsically safe execution of IC-GM1600R.
  • 6 increased buttons and the big display with bright symbols.
  • 3 levels of illumination and 4 levels of brightness of the display.
  • Fast access to channels 16 and 9, and also to the channel of a priority call.
  • Function of scanning of two or three channels at the same time.
  • The new emergency lithium battery capacity 3300mAh increases an operating time of radio station till 8 o'clock at a temperature up to -20 °C.
  • Indicator of the status of the accumulator and mode of energy saving.
  • Self-diagnostics function.
  • Ni-Cd the accumulator 750mAh and the slow charger in a set.


    Description :     

  • Fully waterproof, the SAILOR SP3500 portable series offers a model for all marine applications including GMDSS and ATEX versions.
  • Specifically designed for use at sea the handsets fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and they are equipped with a ribbed grip that means even with gloves on in wet conditions, there is no chance of dropping it.

  • With large tactile buttons and control knobs combined with a user-friendly interface, on board communication could not be simpler. Every SAILOR SP3500 series portable also comes with a large, easy to read display with a red backlight to protect night vision.
  • The SAILOR SP3500 portable series features seven high-quality, durable models:
  • SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF
  • SAILOR SP3515 Portable VHF with scrambler and CTCSS
  • SAILOR SP3520 Portable VHF GMDSS
  • SAILOR SP3530 Portable VHF ATEX
  • SAILOR SP3550 Portable UHF
  • SAILOR SP3560 Portable UHF ATEX
  • All radios feature powerful transceivers and high quality audio.
  • The newest series of portable GMDSS VHFs of SAILOR SP3500 radio stations is developed especially for use at the sea. Radio stations have ergonomic design and the rubberized surface preventing a sliding from a hand.
  • Radio stations are equipped with large touch buttons and elements of management, and also the big display with illumination of red color for work at night.


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