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                  GPS COMPASS ( Satellite compass )

  • Satellite (GPS) compass - receiver or multi-receiver, which provides information about the course of the ship and other data. Electronic data can be displayed on the autopilot and the various remote displays. Satellite Compass uses signals from two or three GPS antennas. It is important that the antenna be definitely arranged and placed on a rigid platform, as analyzed the differences between the received signals to determine the exchange rate, and other parameters.
    The latest generation of GPS-compass provides multiple programmable outputs and information about the course, the ship's position, as well as the
    vertical rolling.
    It can be installed on small vessels instead of gyro.

         Installation Requirements :

      When installing the satellite compass is necessary to take the 4 requirements :

  1. Operation of the system based on GPS, it requires a clear sky visibility. When satellites are masked by deck superstructures, system performance may be impaired.
  2. Make sure that the satellite compass is situated away from any other transmitting antennas on the vessel. The manufacturer specifies the characteristics of the device, which limits the distance allowed.
  3. Position of satellite compass on board must be accurately known, especially on larger vessels. This information is important for systems programming, such as UAIS.
  4. The platform on which the satellite compass, must be rigid and stable.
                    FURUNO SC-110


        Description :

  • ACCURACY - 0.3 degrees !!!
  • The new processor device, provides the high level of accuracy and more perfect utilization properties.
  • Multiple, programmable hi-speed heading data outputs in IEC 61121-1/2(NMEA0183/HS) .
  • High-precision data GPS & WAAS: SOG, COG, ROT , Position . The unique analog output device of a list and differential for the hydrospeaker system Furuno .
  • Data on a course for Radar/ARPA, UAIS, ECDIS, also for Echosounder and Chartplotter system .
  • Output course data in NMEA 0183, IEC 61162-1 and AD-10 (25 ms) .
  • Speed of tracking of change of course 25 deg/per.sec .
  • Can perform functions of the GPS12 navigator of discrete channels .
  • Lack of mechanical parts, such as cardano suspension, saves from need of maintenance of a compass.


         COMPLETE SET :

    Standard :
  • Display SC-502 - 1 set
  • Antenna unit   SC- 1203F with 15 m cable - 1 set
  • Processor unit SC-1101 - 1 set
  • Standard spare parts, installation materials - 1 set

     Optional :
  • Antenna cable - 15 m 20S0336-1, 30 m CP20-01700, 50 m CP20-01710
  • Installation materials - type S CP20-17, type F CP20-29
  • Interface repeater for synchronization

           Picking can change in dependence on the requirement of the customer.
  • Easy in control, installation and service, huge functionality, are provided with the hi-tech processor
  • Accuracy of a course calculation 0.3 degrees
  • There are many I/O port's IEC 61121 (NMEA0183).
  • The noiseproof system consisting of three antennas reduces influence of rolling and roving on indications.
  • Has approve on course data translator according IMO MSC.116(73).
  • Time of turning on of the equipment in work 3-4 minutes, 4.5-inch display, adjustable brightness.
  • Four types of display of information: Compass, Control of the vessel, Navigation data, vessel Course.
  • Fully performs the GPS functions of the receiver

                         FURUNO SC-30


       Description :

  • The satellite compass of SC-30 transfers data on the vessel position for navigation equipment:
    Radar, ECDIS, autopilot, UAIS, echosounder, and can be used at any type of vessels .  
  • SC-30 exact data on a course, on onboard, kilel rolling and vertical rolling, location by data GPS, SOG, COG, ROT).
  • Use of the 2-axial antenna, 3-axial high-speed gyroscope and accelerometers, allow to shorthand these, and advanced digital technologies of processing of a signal used in Furuno SC-30 with a high speed allow to calculate the data on a course based on indications of sensors with an extreme accuracy.
  • In standard complete use NMEA-2000 it is more easy for the installation, also optional can be connect interface unit IF-NMEASC for the convert to NMEA 0183, AD-10 contact group.

       Standard complete set :
  • Antenna unit SC-30 with the cable 6м   
  • Installation materials & spare parts

       Optional :
  • Interface unit IF-NMEASC   
  • Cable for the connect to interface unit, type MJ-A10SPF0015 (15/30 м)   
  • Cable MJ-A10SPF0017 (15/30 м)   
  • Probes for scaring away of birds

          Picking can change in dependence on the requirement of the customer.
  • Stylish design to complement the appearance of recreational boats ;
  • All-in-on system for simple, space-saving installation ;
  • Heading accuracy of 1.0 degrees ;
  • Short start-up time of 3 minutes ;
  • Excellent follow-up rate of 45 degrees/second exceeds requirement for high speed craf t;
  • Maintenance - free ;
  • NMEA-2000 interface standard.

                      FURUNO SC-50


     Description :

  • The new processor device, provides the high level of accuracy and more perfect utilization properties .
  • Set of high-speed programmable output devices of data of a course in a format IEC 61121-1/2(NMEA0183/HS) .
  • High-precision data GPS и WAAS: SOG, COG, ROT , coordinates .
  • The unique analog output device of a list and differential for the hydrospeaker system Furuno
  • Course data for Radar/ARPA, UAIS, ECDIS, Echosounder and Chartplotter .
  • Accuracy of calculation of a course: 0.5 degree .
  • Initialization time about 3-4 min., 4.5-inch siver LCD, illumination, high brightness .
  • Output I/O data NMEA 0183, IEC 61162-1 and AD-10 (25 ms) .
  • Four operating modes of the display: Compass, Control of the vessel, Navigation data, vessel Course .
  • Speed of tracking of change of course 25 deg/sec .
  • Can perform functions of the GPS navigator of 12 discrete channels .
  • Lack of mechanical parts, such as cardano suspension, saves from need of maintenance of a compass .
  • Typical approve on course trnslator according IMO MSC.116(73) .

       Standard complete set :
  • Display unit FURUNO SC-502
  • Antenna unit SC-303
  • Antenna cable CP20-02260 (TNC-PS-3D-15 20S0216, 3х15 м.)
  • Processor unit SC-501
  • Connection cable 10 m., MJ-A7SPF0006-100 (SC-502 / SC-501)
  • Connection cable 6 m., (MJ-A10SPF0016-060C)
  • Mounting kit .
  • Documentation .

             Picking can change in dependence on the requirement of the customer.

  • The SC-50 model is the modern satellite compass developed based on original technology of the FURUNO "GPS kinematic" company. The compass is established on vessels of any types, and also on any other water or overland vehicles .
  • SC-50 consists of the antenna unit, display and the processor. The three-axis antenna system includes three antennas/receiver and can be delivered in the low-profile blister or as the antenna of open type. Such device of the antenna allows to reduce influence of rolling of the vessel .

                         JRC JLR-21/31

                                                             21  31

      Description :

  • The JLR-31/JLR-21 supports Speed Over Ground (SOG) and Course Over Ground (COG). The position, SOG and COG are updated every 200 milliseconds (which is 5 times faster than previous model JLR-30/JLR-20), delivering high accuracy.
  • Traditionally, the means used to measure the heading of a ship has been a mechanical gyrocompass and/or a traditional magnetic compass. With the adoption of the new installation requirements in SOLAS-V, all passenger ships and all ships from 300 to 500 GT travelling international routes can now install a new technology directional sensor, the Transmitting Heading Device (THD).
    JRC's new JLR-31/JLR-21, IMO type-approved as both Transmitting Heading Device (THD) and as Satellite Navigator (GPS), suits for the vessels as SOLAS-V required primary heading sensor or primary GPS.

    Standard complete set :

  • Antenna unit for JLR-21 (diameter 691 mm) NNN-20 1 set .
  • Antenna unit for JLR-31 (diameter 1152 mm) NNN-30 1 set .
  • Processor unit NWZ-4700 1 set .
  • Antenna cable CFQ-7248 1 set .
  • Power supply cable CFQ-7257 1 set .   
  • Installation manual - 1 set .

       Optional :

  • Serial-data cable (Serial data) CFQ-5374 3m 1 set .
  • Contact-signal cable (Contact signal) CFQ-5404 3m 1 set .

            Picking can change in dependence on the requirement of the customer.
  • High precision and high stability (0.5 rms) .
  • The shortest time of tuning (less than two minutes from the moment of power ON) .
  • High speed of reaction to turn (speed of reaction to turn of 46 deg/sec.) .
  • High-contrast LCD display 5.7 inch .
  • Set of the additional modes of indication (Compass rose, ROT, NAV, GPS status).
  • Easy to installation .
  • Direct connection to JRC radars .

                      KODEN KGC-222


      Description :

  • Accuracy of a course: 1° rms  
  • Position accurasy: 0.1°
  • The number of the RX-channels: 16, parallel
  • Tuning time: 9 min (Normal time since power ON)
  • Sensitivity: > -130 дБм
  • Settlement: 0.1º
  • Maximum speed of turn: 45º/sec
  • Rolling: < 30°
  • Main length of the line: 0.5 m
  • Output I/O port's: Course data-2 (50 ms - 1 s) Nav data-2 (1 s)
  • Output data format: RS-422
  • RX-channel: 16 parallel channels
  • RX-frequency: 1575.42 МГц ± 1 МГц
  • Input power: 10.8 - 31.2 VDC; Сonsumed power: < 9 Wt (If 24 VDC)
  • Type: Satellite compas using GPS, working in system's  WAAS/EGNOS
  • Manufacturer: Koden (Japan)
  • Protection class: GPS antenna-IPX6; Processor unit-IPX4
  • Temperature: GPS antenna -25ºC - +55ºC; Processor unit -15ºC - +55ºC

     Standard complete set :

  • GPS antenna GA-12 .
  • Display unit KGC-222.MU .
  • Antenna cable 15 m .
  • Mounting kit and spare parts .

      Picking can change in dependence on the requirement of the customer.
  • The KGC-222 consists of two main components, the display unit where  heading, position, speed and course data can be shown in large easily legible characters and the external antenna with 10 metre cable. The  KGC-222 features a 16 channel parallel GPS engine providing heading accuracy to 1° with a heading resolution of 0.1° An important feature is  the KGC-222’s internal electronic compass and rate sensors which seamlessly act as a backup heading output should GPS reception be  interrupted, for example when sailing under a bridge.
  • Supplied with 4" GPS display
  • Built-in back-up sensor
  • Pitch/Roll & heave data output
  • Easy interface via display
  • 3 data outputs with an option to expand to 5 data outputs

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