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               SART's  (
Search and rescue radar transponder's )

  • Maritime search and rescue transponder - mandatory equipment Global Maritime Distress System (GMDSS).This product can be both life-saving means of the ship and boat rescue tool.According to the rules of the GMDSS, radar transponder is required to be installed on ships with a total tonnage of 500 register tons, in the amount of RLS, and more than 500 reg. in an amount of two tons.Devices on the requirements of the register must be located one - in the wheelhouse of the vessel and the second should be in the main lifeboat.

McMurdo S4 Rescue SART

                          Description :  

  • Designed to be stored in a survival craft or as a carry off device, the rugged S4 Rescue SART is buoyant and waterproof to a depth of 10m. When it detects a radar signal from another vessel or aircraft, the S4 Rescue SART’s 9GHz X-band Radar transceiver will automatically transmit a response signal which will appear on the other vessel’s radar display as a series of 12 dots, pinpointing your location. An LED and buzzer indicates when the S4 has detected a radar signal and transmitted a response.
    Once activated the S4 Rescue SART may be suspended inside the survival craft or mounted in an elevated position using the integrated extending pole.
  • The S4 will only transmit when it detects an incoming radar pulse - after 15 seconds it will drop to standby mode, conserving battery life and ensuring operation in excess of 96hrs.

  • 9.2–9.5 GHz, sensitivity is better than -50 dBm
  •  not less 400 mW (+26 dBm)
  • 96 Hrs in STby mode + 8 hrs in work request mode on 1 kHz
  • from -20ºC to +55ºC
  • from -30ºC to +65ºC
  • > 1 м
  • 530g
  • 264mm  length x 90mm diameter
  • 5 years
  • Buoyant and waterproof to 10m
  • Compact, lightweight and rugged
  • Meets IMO and GMDSS standards
  • LED and buzzer indicates operation
  • Inbuilt test facility
  • Integral lanyard
  • Over 96hrs operation in standby mode
  • Replaceable 5 year battery pack
  • Mounting options – internal/external


SAMYUNG Enc., Co., Ltd. SAR-9 SART


                  Description :


  • Frequency range 9200 - 9500 mHz
  • Sensitivity of the receiver effective not less - 50 dB/W
  • Effective power 400 mV
  • Duration of a reciprocal signal  80 - 100 mKs
  • Delay of a reciprocal signal rather request no more 0.4 mKs
  • Width of the directional pattern of the antenna:
  • In horizontal         360°
  • In vertical         ± 12.5°
  • Operation temperature       -20°С ? +55°С
  • Relative humidity at   t = 45°С    до 98%
  • Battery lifetime ( t till +30°С )    5 years   
  • SART "SAR-9" of SAMYUNG ENC CO., Ltd is a part of the GMDSS radio equipment and completely meets requirements of Resolutions of IMO A.802 (19), A.694(17).
  • The "SAR-9" is intended for increase in reliability of detection of crews of vessels in distress by means of ship and plane radar stations of three-centimetric range. He is established on saving watercrafts or other objects for the similar targets.




     Description :

  • SART20 working in the frequency range of 9 GHz is developed by Jotron AS according to resolutions and requirements for use in vessels and saving rafts at the sea. Tron SART20 provides a reciprocal signal at radiation of radar station of the search and rescue means which is carrying out search of the liferaft or lifeboat.

  • Weight : 450 g.
  • Case : plastic
  • Frequency : 9.2 gHz~9.5 gHz
  • Transmit power : >400 mV
  • Operation frequency : -20 to +55оС
  • Working time : 96 Hrs – Stby 8Hrs – answer
  • Copmlete set : SART, mounting kit, instruction    
  • The radar responder (SART) of Jotron Tron SART20 is approved by the Russian maritime register of shipping, (84) International Maritime Organizations respond resolutions of MSC.247(83) and MSC.256, meets requirements of SOLAS, treats GMDSS and is approved by MED and FCC. The radar responder of Tron SART20 is made for the help in a rescue operations. It is completed with the harmless explosionproof rechargeable battery and a wall bracket holder. It is easy in service even onboard. Tron SART20 operates on frequency of 9 GHz and has the antenna with high gain amount. Tron SART20 is executed in the easy shock-proof plastic casing.

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