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           GPS / GLONASS Receivers

Among satellite systems most widely used medium-radio navigation GLONASS and GPS systems.GLONASS system was developed and deployed in Russia in 1996.Rms error is of 45 m.The height of the satellite orbit is 20 200 km. Treatment time of the satellite 12 hours.

Each satellite transmits information on two carrier frequencies - 1227.6 MHz and 1575.42.The second frequency is used to eliminate the ionospheric corrections.In an open channel for users first frequency is used.Private channel uses two frequencies for military purposes.The data transfer speed of 50 bps.Rms accuracy positioning in the open channel is 100 m.

Combined GLONASS and GPS receivers allow you to share process information from satellite systems.The accuracy of the combined receiver-ship is not more than 35 m.

The accuracy of the location of the object can be improved by reducing the systematic components of navigation parameters measurement errors.This is achieved by differential corrections transmitted by special checkpoints differential subsystems.RMS error of positioning is 10 m.
To extend the high-precision positioning of objects overlap zone systems GLONASS and GPS signals are wide-overlapping systems: American WAAS - Wide Area Augmentation System, European EGNOS - European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System, Japanese MSAS - Multi-Functional Transport Augmentation System.



        Description :     

  • PI GLONASS GPS NavCom Gamma 100 supports two GNSS is the GLONASS and GPS, work on L1 signal (1602.5625 MHz 1615.5 ...) code and the C / T Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and GLONASS L1 signal (1575, 42 MHz) and the code C / A GPS GNSS system. It has five working displays with customizable parameters displayed. Display 4.5-inch LCD screen, high contrast monochrome. The user interface is in English and Russian languages. The mode of receiving differential corrections in the protocol RTCM SC 104. PI NavCom Gamma 100 has two output ports for transmitting information in a format NMEA 0183. Execu physical RS-232 interface.
  • The PI NavCom Gamma 100 as the navigation receiver module we use the GLONASS / GPS / GALILEO / COMPASS NV08C-CSM TDTSK.434855.003 (certificate of conformity №03.009.0598) production of CJSC «NAVIS» Russia. Using NV08C-CSM enables the work with all visible satellites of all the GNSS constellations. Currently, we use only two GNSS system is GLONSS and GPS. The possibilities inherent in NV08C-CSM enables us to maintain the PI NavCom Gamma 100 at a high technical level for a long time by updating the software.
  • Gamma-100 provides motion control for a given route vessel uses waypoints, prevents the deviation from the predetermined direction.
  • The device is equipped MOB function ( "man overboard").
  • It meets all national and international requirements.

  • Combined receiver-indicator (PI) GLONASS / GPS NavCom Gamma 100 is intended for use for navigation at sea and river ships speed not exceeding 125 km / hr (70 knots.).

GPS receiver Samyung SPR-1400




           Standard complete set :
  • Indicator unit with the build-in GPS receiver ;
  • External active antenna SAN–60, coaxial cable - 15m;
  • Mounting kit for SPR–1401 with bolts SPR–1402;
  • Mounting kit for antenna;
  • Power supply cable SPR–1405;
  • Connector for external data SPR–1406;
  • Screws for mounting SPR–1407;
  • Grounding cable SPR–1408;
  • Spare fuses SPR–1409;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Certificat RMRS or RRR

                  Optional :
    • 3-ports buffer NMEA SB–232;
    • illumination lamp SRG–528;
    • SP-5AD power supply 220/24В.
    • The navigation GPS SPR-1400 receiver is developed for use on maritime and river vessels, conforms to requirements of new edition of Chapter V of SOLAS, has certificates of the Russian Maritime register of shipping and the Russian River Register.
    • SPR–1400 consists of the integrated navigation system located in the small-sized case with the graphic LCD display (70 x 37 mm) and the portable navigation antenna. The most admissible length of the cable of 30 meters connecting them.
    • SPR–1400 doesn't demand input of initial installations, according fast detection of signals of satellites.
    • For connection of additional navigation equipment there is a built-in port RS-232C supporting a format of the messages NMEA0183 and CIF (Furuno).


    GNSS/GPS receiver Samyung SGN-500




             Description :        

    • Corresponds to resolutions of IMO A.694(17); To Res.MSC.115 (73) and IEC standards (IEC 61162; IEC 60945; IEC 61108-1).
    • Quickly counts the almanac of satellites that allows to make start of Samyung SGN-500 in the shortest time.
    • Adjustable brightness of the keypad, allows to exploit Samyung SGN-500 in the conditions of the under illuminance.
    • Has ability to integrate into a ship information network thanks to support of protocols of different type, and their output on an edge panel.
    • At the request of the operator, it is capable to display on the display various information, in various modes.

    • Category :                         GPS receiver
    • Brand :                              Samyung
    • RMRS certificate :              Yes
    • RRR certificate :                 Yes
    • Receiver type :                  24 different GNSS systems
    • RX-frequency :                   L1 1590MHz ± 20MHz
    • Accuracy GPS/GLONASS :   ±30m;
    • Differential:                        ±10m
    • Charts :    (WGS-84, WGS-72, EARTH-90, PULKOVO1942, PULKOVO1995)
    • Power supply :                   110/220 VAC 50/60 Гц ; 24 VDC
    • The ship combined Samyung SGN-500 GLONASS/GPS receiver is necessary for exact determination of coordinates of the vessel in space. On NMEA 0183 SGN-500 it connect to ship navigation network and transfers the obtained data to other devices.   
    • Samyung SGN-500 is constructed the strong moisture-proof casing and has different options of mounting. The receiver is equipped with the big color display and completely cyrillic interface.
    • Conforms to requirements of all standard and Russian authorized organizations.
    • Has compact execution that allows to install the device in any user-friendly place.
    • It is equipped with the color liquid-crystal display of the big size, for display of necessary navigation.


                          FURUNO GP-150




             Standard complete set :

    • Display
    • GPS antenna GPA-017S
    • Antenna cable 15 m
    • NMEA-cable 2 × 5 m
    • Mounting kit an spare parts

                   Optional :

    • DGPS antenna  GPA-018S / GPA-019S
    • Probe FAW-1.2 for antenna GPA-018S
    • Power supply PR-62
    • Internal receiver DGPS OP20-32-1/20-33
    • External receiver DGPS GR-80
    • Interface unit IF-2500 for the connecting additional display
    • Mounting kit for installing antenna on the pipe , deck , handrail
    • Mounting kit OP20-24/20-25 for installing display on panel
    • Antenna cable 30 / 50 m  
    • NMEA-cable 5 / 10 m
    • Furuno GP-150 represents the new GPS navigator meeting requirements of IMO MSC. 112(73) and to the conforming IEC standards which have taken effect since July 1, 2003.
    • The highly reliable autonomous system of electronic positioning transfers information to AIS, the radar, VDR, etc. Reliability of the receiver is improved due to use of system of monitoring with use of information from five satellites, Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) providing information on reliability degree three levels: Safe, Cautions and Unsafe.
    • Among the modes of the display there is Video plotter, the Text and the Broadband path of a route providing intuitive determination course and bearing.
    • The system of the panoramic review of WAAS increases positioning accuracy. The additional DGPS function is provided when embedding or external installation of the differential receiver.
                          FURUNO GP-170




                   Description :

         Receiver type                                                       GPS
         Channels quantity                                                 12
         RX - frequency                                     1575,42 МГц +/- 1,023 mHz
         Accurasy, GPS                                                      10 m
         Accurasy, DGPS                                                      5 m
         Accurasy, WAAS                                                     3 m
         Accurasy, MSAS                                                     7 m
         Time position renew                                           1 time/sec
          Display size                                                             5,7"
          Brightness                                                           700 cd/м2
          Resolution                                                          640х480
          Display                                                              collor LCD
          Modes                                           Plotter, Highway, Course, Data, Integrity
          Working antenna temperature                           -25℃ ~ +70℃
          Working display temperature                            -15℃ ~ +55℃
          Display pritection class                                          IP25
          Antenna pritection class                                         IP56  
    • Furuno GP-170 is the ship GPS navigator (GPS receiver). This device is highly stable system of determination of location, held for use by the ocean vessels, big yachts, ferry boats and commercial vessels.
    • Furuno GP-170 GPS navigator will be suitable for use together with various sea navigation and communication equipment, including with the AIS, ECDIS equipment, radars, autopilots, depth finders.
    • The model completely conforms to the requirements designated in the IMO MSC.112(73) and IEC 61108-1 standards, and also IMO MSC.114 (73) and IEC 61108-4.


    GPS  JRC JLR-4340 with display NWZ-4551




            Description :          


    • Receiver type                     Many channels (12 ch., type SBAS 1)
    • Frequency                          1575.42MHz ± 1 MHz (C/A code)
    • Sensitivity                          -135dBm , -138dBm
    • Accuracy                            30m 2DRMS (C/A code, HDOP34, SA OFF)
                                                 7м 2DRMS use time correction SBAS
    • Fixing time                          routine 40 sec. (cold start) ; routine 33 sec. (hot start)
    • Position renew                    standard 1 sec.

    • Main parameters :
    • DGPS input                          RTCM SC-104 ver. 2.0 pypes 1,2,7,9
    • Output data                     Alarm exit, TTL level
                                              IEC61162-1 (NMEA0183 ver. 2.3)
                                               NMEA, 0183 ver. 1.5 or 2.1 ( can choose )
                                               IEC61162-1 (ver. 2.3) GGA, RMC, VTG, ZDA,
                                               DTM, GBS, GNS .
                                               ver1.5 GGA, RMC, GLL, VTG
                                               ver2.1 GGA, RMC, GLL, VTG, DTM
    • GEO parameters             46 (WGS-84, WGS-72, Japan, USA, Canada/Alaska,
                                             Europe, Australia, England, NAD-83, other 37 - selective)
    • Input power                   12/24 VDC +30%, -10% (consumed power < 1.5W)
    • Data cable                     10 m
    • Work temperature          25°C…70°C
    • Water protection            USCG CFR-46VIEC60945
    • Modern "all-in-view" GPS the JLR-4340 receiver uses signals from 12 satellites for definition of exact location.
      The JRC GPS receiver has the DGPS module allowing to make calculation through input of amendments from the SBAS satellites (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS), obtaining more exact observation data.
    • Easy installation
    • Existence of exits of IEC61162-1 and NMEA0183 allows to connect the JRC JLR-4340 GPS receiver (GPS 124) to other navigation devices, for example to radars, plotters, echosioundes and others.
    • The device has the RAIM function which provides higher reliability in exact fixing of location of the vessel, than traditional ways.


    GPS receiver JLR-7500/JLR-7800  (D)GPS



              Description :           

    • All information necessary for the captain is displayed on the 5,7-inch screen of the increased clearness and contrast in comparison with the previous version. JRC JLR-7800 supports several modes of display. Ease of use of the DGPS navigator is provided by means of the thought-over set of keys and intuitively the clear interface.
          Technical data :

    • Display size:                                                                                         5,7"
    • Display:                                                                               with white LED illumination
    • Resolution:                                                                                    320 х 240
    • Input power:                                                                        10,8-31,2 VDC (< 2,5 Wt)
    • LAN:                                                                                                 10/100 Mpbs
    • Waypoints:                                  10000 Routes 100 Scales0.2, 0.5, 1.2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300 miles
    • Channels:                                                     Many-channels (12 Ch), SBAS (1Ch), Internal DGPS
    • RX-frequency:                                                              1575,42 mHz ±1 mHz (C/A code)
    • Satellites:                                                                                        12 satellites
    • Accuracy:                                                                      13 m / 7 m (SBAS) / 5 m (radio-beacon)
    • NMEA0183:                                                                                ver. - 1.5, 2.1 or 2.3
    • Working temperature:                                          -15° ~ 55°C (display), -25° ~ 55°C (sensor)
    • Store temperature:                                               -25° ~ 55°C (display), -40° ~ 70°C (sensor)
    • Humidity:                                                                          0%-93% without condensation
    • Protection class:                                                 IP44 (display), IEC60945 (ed.4), USCG CFR-46 (sensor)
    • Weight:                                                                                   2,3 kg (display), 1,7 кг (sensor)  
    • New (D) GPS JRC JLR-7500 the navigator with the 5.7-inch LCD screen defines location more precisely and has ample opportunities on interface to other equipment.
    • JRC JLR-7500 had a new mode of display – 3D highway which allows to display the provision of the following waypoint easily.
    • The technology of laying of a way allows to create routes of high range precisely. There is an opportunity to choose a loks. course (RL) for short distances and ortodromichesky (GC) for long.

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