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             MARINE RADAR's

  • The radar shall provide and detection of vessels, buoys, other surface objects and hindrances, and also coastal line and navigation signs concerning the vessel by the continuous circle review on all horizon in the modes of the relative and true movement.
    The wavelength of an emitted radio-frequency pulse is selected from the ranges which are led out for the targets of sea radiolocation:
    10 сm = 3 gHz – S-band-range
    3,2 cm = 9,3-9,7 gHz – X-band-range
  • On the radar screen established on the vessel with a height of antennas of 15 meters above sea level it has to be provided the accurate image of various objects:
     coastal line with a height of coast of 60 m – at distance of 20 miles, with a height of coast of 6 m – at distance of 7 miles
     objects – vessels with a gross tonnage of 5000 t – at distance of 7 miles, vessels 20 m long – at distance of 2 miles.
    minimum range of detection of coastal objects of 50 m.

    Since July 1, 2008 according to the Resolution of IMO MSC.192 (79) adopted in December, 2004 at the 79th session of Maritime Safety Committee new
    requirements to radar stations are introduced:

1) Effective diameter of the screen of the indicator shall be for vessels gross tonnage:
    to 500 t – not less than 180 mm ;
    from 500 to 10000 t (for high-speed vessels < 10000 t)not less than 250 mm ;
    10000 t and more – not less than 320 mm .

2) The radar station has to be supplied one of the following means of ARPA:
    For vessels with a gross tonnage over 300 t - ARPA providing a possibility of continuous obtaining by the operator of information on
    automatically accompanied purposes for assessment of a navigation situation (automatic support and processing, simultaneous display and continuous
    updating of information not less than on 20 targets for vessels to 500 t or to 30 targets for vessels from 500 to 10000 t, a possibility of manual capture
    and dumping is more whole with relative speeds of the movement to 100 knots with use of scales of range of 3, 6 and 12 miles).
    For vessels with a gross tonnage over 10000 t – ARPA for automatic support and processing, simultaneous display and continuous updating of information
    not less than on 40 targets at a relative speed to 100 knots at automatic and manual capture with use of scales of range of 3, 6 and 12 miles.

3)  The radar with wavelength of 10 cm (X-band) shall have a possibility of detection of radar buoys and transponders.

4) The radar has to have a possibility of interface to the equipment of AIS providing a possibility of continuous obtaining by the operator of information
   on AIS targets (maintenance and processing, simultaneous display and continuous updating of information not less than on 20 active targets for vessels
   to 500 t, to 30 targets for vessels from 500 to 10000 t and to 40 targets for vessels over 10000 t). Besides the "active" targets of AIS with the indication
   of a vector of SOG, a course and COG, radar has to have a possibility of display of not less than 100 "sleeping" targets for vessels to 500 t, 150 targets
   for vessels from 500 to 10000 t and 200 targets for vesses over 10000 t).

5) Submission of information on the screen of radar has to conform to new requirements of Resolutions of SN.243 and MSC.191 (79).

6) The radar can have function of display of electronic charts of the ENC format and other vector formats conforming to the IHO standards.
   At the same time radar information has to have priority value.
   The main indicator of radarhas to be installed in the wheelhouse near a bow partition. If there is additional an indicator, it is recommended to be
   established near the place where navigation laying is conducted. In vessels where the second radar station is established, her indicator has
   to be also placed in the wheelhouse. At the same time the indicator of the main radar is recommended to establish closer to the right board,
   and the second - to left.

  Radar Furuno M1715

       Description :         

  • Peak Output Power2.2 kW
  • Typeø460 mm radome (18.1'')
  • Frequency9410±30 MHz (X-band)
  • Beam Width (Horizontal)5.2˚
  • Beam Width (Vertical)25˚
  • Range Scales0.125-24 nm
  • Antenna Rotation Speed24/31/41 rpm (auto-select according to pulselength)
  • Weight5.1 kg

  • Display Unit 7'' monochrome LCD
  • Display Mode Head up
  • Other Mode / Functions Echo trails
  • Weight1.5 kg

  • Temperature  Display unit: -15°C to +55°C
                          Antenna unit: -25°C to +70°C
  • Waterproofing Display unit: IPX5
                           Antenna unit: IPX6

  • Power Supply / Consumption Current  12-24 VDC: 3.2-1.4 A
  • High-performance 2.2 kW transceiver in a 18" radome.
  • The MODEL 1715 is a high contrast LCD radar designed for pleasure craft and small fishing boats. Radar echoes are presented in four shades of gray on the 7 Silver Bright LCD.
  • High Contrast 7" Silver Bright LCD for excellent sunlight viewability.
  • 14 range scales from 0.125 to 24 nm.
  • Low power consumption in Watchman mode - only 8 W.


Radar Furuno FAR-21x7 series


        Description :         

                                      FAR-2117                       FAR-2127                             FAR-2137S
  • Frequency                   X-band                            X-band                                    S-band
  • Output power              12 kW                             25 kW                                     30 kW
  • Antenna type          4 feet;6,5 feet                 4 feet;6,5 feet                             12 feet
                                        8 feet                               8 feet
  • Ant. rot. speed        24 / 42 rPm                     24 / 42 rPm                            21-26 / 45 rPm

  • Radiated frequency:                               X-Band 9410 ± 30 MHz;
                                                                  S-Band 3050 ± 30 MHz
  • Output power:                                        FAR-2117 - 12 kW,
                                                                  FAR-2127 - 25 kW,
                                                                  FAR-2137S - 30 kW
  • Frequency of following of pulses:    0.07µs/3000Hz(Range scale 0.125,0.25 nm);
                                                        0.07, 0.15 µs /3000Hz (Range scale 0.5 nm);
                                                        0.07, 0.15, 0.3 µs /3000,1500Hz (Range scale 0.75,1.5 nm);
                                                        0.15, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 µs /3000,1500,1000Hz (Range scale 3.0 nm);
                                                         0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1.2 µs /1500, 1000,600Hz (Range scale 6.0 nm);
                                                         0.5, 0.7, 1.2 µs /1000, 600Hz (Range scale 12,24 nm);
                                                         1.2µs /600Hz(Range scale 48,96 nm)
  • Intermediate frequencies:                   60 MHz; 40 MHz; 10 MHz;3 MHz

  • Furuno FAR-21X7 Series is a series of the revolutionary radar stations working in the frequency ranges of X and S from world famous producer Furuno. Radar stations of a series are certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS).
  • Radars Furuno FAR-21X7 Series are completed with the big display with diagonal 19" and high resolution (SXGA) providing display of data of the radar in excellent quality. The possibility of the choice of a day and night background of viewing allows to use the radar with identical efficiency at any time.
  • Radars support connection to an Ethernet network and exchange of important navigation information on this network, including electronic cards, L/L, COG, SOG, STW, etc.
  • Управлять радиолокационными станциями серии Furuno FAR-21X7 можно с помощью клавиатуры и трекбола.


Radar Furuno М-1835/1935/1945/1937 series

                                                           1835  1937


         Description :        

  Furuno M-1945
  • Display:                                                                               10.4" Collor LCD
  • P OUT:                                                                                         6 kW
  • Antenna:                                                                                120 cm. open
  • Ant. rotat. spd.:                                                                         48 rPm

  Furuno M-1937
  • Display:                                                                               10.4" Collor LCD
  • P OUT:                                                                                       4 kW
  • Antenna:                                                                                120 cm. open
  • Ant. rotat. spd.:                                                                          48 rPm

  Furuno M-1935
  • Display:                                                                               10.4" Collor LCD
  • P OUT:                                                                                        4 kw
  • Antenna:                                                                                120 cm. open
  • Ant. rotat. spd.:                                                                      24 , 48 rPm

  Furuno M-1835
  • Display:                                                                               10.4" Collor LCD
  • P OUT:                                                                                       4 kW
  • Антенна:                                                                                60 cm. closed
  • Ant. rotat. spd.:                                                                        24 rPm
  • A new series of radar Furuno M-1835/1935/1945/1937 represents the radar stations with 10,4-inch high-contrast color LCD developed for a wide range of courts including pleasure, fishing and supply vessels.
  • New radar offer accurate display of the targets with use of automatic control facilities functions of strengthening of useful echo signals and suppression of hindrances from the sea and a rain is crystal.
  • Distinctive feature is excellent detection even of the smallest targets both on neighbors, and in a long distance. The new modes of display (for example, a true course, full-screen) serving for increase in safety of navigation are also available.
  • A series of radar M-1835/1935/1945/1937 allows to note distant objects before they become visible, and also to see in the conditions of darkness, fog or limited visibility in case of any lighting. Data of radar station can be connected to other navigation equipment, plotters and echo depth finders via the programmable interface NMEA 0183 Furuno, which gives to operators the chance to expand the ship systems to necessary limits.
Radar JRC JMA-5200 series


                     Description :         

  • Digital signal processing Constaview™
  • Expansions of display of an object TEF™
  • Highly sensitive scanners X - Band
  • Function ATA (30 targets: OPTIONAL)
  • Function pigture-adding AIS ID (50 targets: OPTIONAL)
  • Function pigture-adding charts (OPTIONAL JRC/ENC/C-MAP NT+)
  • High-Quality  15" TFT display

               Standard complete set :  

  • Scaner NKE-2102-6, NKE-2252-7 or NKE-2252-9 with cable 10-65 m
  • Processor unit NDC-1340 with cable 5 m
  • Keyboard NCE-7699 с кабелем 5 m
  • Display NWZ-164
  • Mounting kit and spare parts


  • NSK interface ( gyro/log ) NCT-4106
  • ATA on 30 targets NCA-877 ( inserting in Processor unit )
  • UAIS interface NQA-4250 ( inserting in Processor unit )
  • Video-plotter NDB-34 ( inserting in Processor unit )
  • 3-cm Perfomance Monitor NJU-64
  • Mounting kit for keyboard MPBS33144
  • Power supply unit NBA-3308 (100/110/115/200/220/230VAC)

                   Additional information РЛС JMA-52XX series   
  • A series of JRC JMA-5200 radar has the improved indicators of the main properties of the radar - detection are more whole, their processings and providing information which conform to the last requirements of IMO to radars, ARPA and ATA.
  • Radars use the method of digital processing of a signal based on the latest computer technologies, in particular the ''Constantview'' technology using the mode of real time and providing simultaneous updating of a track of an echo signal at turn of the vessel and also capture and tracking 30 targets by means of the ATA functio
Radar ICOM MR-1210T III



                  Description :        

  • Special function of tracking of the purposes of ATA will allow to trace up to 10 vesselss designated on the screen of radar station by special symbols. At approach of these vessels to points of CPA and TCPA the captain will be warned by a sound signal. At connection to the external UAIS , data of AIS targets will also be displayed.

                Technical data :

  • Input power:                                                             10,2-42 VDC.
  • Power consumption:                                                   about 80 Wt
  • Display:                                                               Collor TFT LCD display
  • Working temp.:                            –15°C ~ +55°C (display), −25°C ~ +70°C (scaner)
  • Antenna type:                                                 4-feets (120 cm), open-type
  • Range:                                                      from 25 m (1/8 miles) to 72 miles:
                                         1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 36, 48, 64, 72
  • P OUT:                                                                           6 kW
  • Ant. rot. speed:                                                       22/24/36 rPm
  • Directional diagram:                                           Horiz.: 2°. Vert.: 20°
  • Frequency:                                                             9410 ±30 mHz
  • I/O:                                                NMEA 0183, N+1, AUX, IEC61162-2 (Input data).
                                                                NMEA0183 (Output data)NMEA0183
  • Display size:                                                                   12,1"
  • Resolution:                                                                  600×800
  • Modulation:                                                                     P0N
  • Protect class:                                               IPX4 (display), IPX6 (scaner)
  • Highly sensitive radar Icom MR-1210TIII represents radar station from a new series of MR-1210 radar Station with the powerful antenna of open type. The ship radar station is certified by the Russian maritime register of shipping. The bright color LCD display with diagonal 12,1 is included in the package of delivery". The maximum range of this model — 72 miles.
  • Icom MR-1210TIII radar is simple in use that it is provided thanks to the new user interface with the thought-over structure of the menu. Several display modes, including full screen in which the radar image occupies all screen that gives to the captain a bigger review are available to the user.
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