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                        NAVTEX Receiver

  • NAVTEX (Navigation Telex) - an international system of automatic transmission of navigational and meteorological warnings and urgent information in the narrow-band direct-printing mode.The service uses a 518 kHz frequency F1B emission mode, the information is transmitted in English.Receiving information provided within a radius of 250 to 400 miles from the coastal radio station in each of the 16 districts, which is divided into Oceans.For NAVTEX broadcasts in national languages is selected, the frequency 490 kHz and additionally for tropical areas - 4209.5 kHz.In accordance with IMO Resolution MSC.148 (77) from 1 July 2005, the newly established NAVTEX receivers must ensure simultaneous reception of two frequencies - 518 kHz, and the main one of two selectable 490 or 4209.5 kHz. Operational and technical characteristics of the system
     are given in Recommendation MKRR 540-1.

FURUNO NX-700-A/NX-700-B


                         Description :    

  • The NX-700 can receives two channels simultaneously. One is set for 518 kHz to receive international NAVTEX messages and another is selectable from 490 or 4209.5 kHz for domestic or local NAVTEX messages. These messages include a variety of safety information such as Navigational Warnings, Meteorological Warnings, Search and Rescue (SAR) information and other information for ships sailing within the reach of each service station’s coverage. The broadcast station can be selected automatically according to own ship position when the NX-700 is connected with a GPS navigator.

                    Technical data :

  • Frequency:                                                       518 kHz и 490 or 4209,5 kHz
  • RX-mode:                                                                          F1B
  • Sensitivity:                                                  2 µV e.m.f. (50 Ω), 4% of errors
  • Input protection:                                  30 Vrms during > 15 min (with  preamplifier)
  • Spurious emission:                                                        < 1 nW
  • Display:                                                    5"' monochrome LCD, 76 ×100 мм  
  • Resolution:                                                                  240 × 320
  • Display mode:                                            message, list, navigation data
  • Store ID:                                                               200 × 2 channels
  • Storage of messages:                          200 msg × 2 Ch (100,000 symbols × 2 Ch)
  • Antenna type:                                         NX-7H H-field antenna with preamplifier
              Standard complete set :
  • Receiver NX-7001 ;
  • Antenna NX-7H ;
  • Display with mounting kit (optional): NX-700-A display with printer or NX-700-B display only ;
  • Mounting kit .

  • FURUNO NX-700 is a dual-channel NAVTEX receiver for SOLAS ships complying with the new NAVTEX performance standard MSC.148(77) which is implemented on and after 1 July 2005.
  • Every incoming message is stored in non-volatile memory and is displayed on a clear 5" silver bright LCD. Three different font sizes are available and can be selected from the menu.
  • The NX-700 has a low profile, stylish display, receiver and antenna units. An external Serial (RS-232) printer can easily be connected for message printing. Another model, the NX700P, is also available which incorporates a built-in printer. The compact, umbrella-type H-field antenna requires no grounding. In addition, the antenna incorporates a high-performance preamp within the compact body, which gives reliable and uninterrupted reception without an extra whip antenna.


Navtex receiver JRC NCR-333

               Description :     

  • JRC NCR-333 the navtex receiver which is approved by RMRS and RRR.
  • This receiver is set up on the frequency of 518 kHz, 490 kHz and 4209.5 kHz.
  • NCR-333 keeps up to 200 messages which remain in memory for 70 hours after acceptance or so far the number of messages won't exceed 200, then messages are rewritten.
  • In addition to the NCR-333 receiver it is possible to connect the external printer.

      Optional :  Printer unit DPU - 414


  • 5.7 inch Wide LCD Screen
  • Automatic Tune Function by GPS
  • Full meet latest IMO
  • 3 receiving frequencies
  • Printerless type
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy operation
  • External Printer (Option)
  • Navtex data export function for Integrated Navigation System (ECDIS or etc.)



                  Navtex receiver SAMYUNG SNX-300


                      Description :     

        • The device has expanded non-volatile memory for storage of the accepted messages (the volume not less than 200 messages, on average, of 500 signs) and the built-in system of self-diagnostics.

        • The accepted information is displayed on high-contrast LCD display and can be printed.

                        Technical data :

        • Working frequency :                                                          490, 518, 4209,5 kHz
        • ID memory :                                                                         200 messages
        • Storage time of information :                                                      24 Hrs
        • Display size :                                                                          5.6 inch
        • Resolution :                                                                          320 X 240
        • Operation temperature :                                                       -15 to +50 °C     
        • New model designed to IMO resolution and performance standards (IMO Resolution MSC.148 (77) ITU-R, M.540-2, M.625-3, IEC-61162).
        • International channel (518 kHz) & local channels (490 kHz/4 209.5 kHz) are simultaneously receiving by two receivers built-in.
        • Receiving messages sets-up from outer navigational equipment and channels.
        • Storage for over 200 advisory including 8 000 receiving letters in average length per channel.
        • 50 messages permanently stored per channel and 72-hour-long storage of receiving letters.
        • utomatic power blockage run by voltage protection circuit.
        • Interfaced to INS(Integrated Navigation System) according to IEC-61162.   


               Navtex receiver COBHAM / SAILOR 6390

                         Description :     

        • The SAILOR 6391 Navtex System consists the SAILOR 6390 Navtex Receiver, which receives Navtex messages
             on the inter national Navtex frequencies 490 kHz, 518 kHz and 4209.5 kHz, and the SAILOR 6004 .
        • Control Panel, a 7” touch screen that provides excellent viewing clarity in all light conditions
             so all messages can be seen and understood.
        • Modular design means that the receiver can be installed anywhere on board whilst the
             control panel can be placed anywhere on the bridge.
        • They are linked by dual LAN (NMEA also included), so communication between
             the two is highly reliable, but installation is incredibly flexible .

                          Technical data :
        • Input power :                                      12-24 VDC
        • Consumed power :                                 6.5 W
        • Operation temperature :                from -15 °C to +55 °C
        • Storage temperature :                   from -15 °C to +55 °C
        • Protection :                                             IP22
        • RX-frequency :                       490 kHz, 518 kHz и 4209.5 kHz
        • Active and passive antennas :          (12 V  60 mA)
        • Sensitivity : 490/518 kHz: <12 dBµV-----10 Ω/150 pF <-6 dBµV-----50 Ω 4209.5 kHz:  <12                                                                                       dBµV-----10 Ω/150 pF <6 dBµV-----50 Ω
        • Dimension :                             L x W x H: 190 x 270 x 42.5 mm
        • Weight :                                                 1.3 kg                    
        • The SAILOR 6391 Navtex System sets new standards in functionality and flexibility for SOLAS man-dated Navtex receivers. As a black box system, with separate touch screen user interface, it introduces a new approach that enhances safety and efficiency, whilst being fully SOLAS compliant. It is a next generation system offering new installation and operation possibilities today, with the potential to become part of the fully networked bridge in the future.


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