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                  NavNet - Modern universal navigation system

  • Since its release in 2001, FURUNO NavNet series quickly gained unprecedented popularity in this world because of its reliability, quality and expandability.Over the years, a series of NavNet won the title of Best Integrated Navigation Systems (Best Integrated Navigation System), constituted the National Association of the US Naval Electronics (NMEA).

  • The system combines radar, GPS / WAAS receiver and plotter, fish finder, and network weather maps receiver into a single navigational network.Various configuration options and add-ons allow you to meet virtually any requirements on the organization of the navigation system.

                 FURUNO NAVNET vx2


        Description :

  • NavNet vx2 combines radar, GPS/WAAS chart plotter, fish finder, and network weather facsimile into an all-round  navigation network. Its wide range of options fulfils virtually every desire you may have for navigation system.
  • Radar, GPS, Network fish finder, Network weather facsimile - a multistation integrated navigation network, NavNet vx2 lets you build your navigation system according to your needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art network technology, NavNet vx2 provides you with seamless data sharing and vast future expandability.
  • The heart of NavNet vx2 is its Ethernet-based network. Up to four displays, together with various navigational sensors, can be interconnected in addition to new MaxSea-NavNet navigational software, which adds even more features to your NavNet vx2 network. Stress-free navigation can be performed from any display unit connected to the onboard network, due to the high-speed transfer of data available.

                    FURUNO NAVNET 3D



     Description :

  • NavNet  3D incorporates a whole new dimension into chart presentation with Full  Time 3D chart rendering. You can choose a 2D top-down view of the  navigation chart for a look and feel that duplicates a traditional chart  plotting presentation. Or, you can choose to pan and zoom the chart to  any angle at any range scale you choose instantly. There is no ‘3D mode’  to change into and no waiting at all, because NavNet 3D operates in  this 3D environment full time. This variety of chart presentations helps  to improve your situational awareness by giving you unprecedented  control over your charting environment.
  • NavNet  3D’s powerful new graphic engine brings new chart presentation options  to the conventional 2D method of chart plotting. Satellite Photo Fusion  is a powerful new tool, a hybrid blend of detailed satellite imagery and  critical chart data. These new presentation options allow you to  visually grasp your exact position in a way that was never before  possible.

                   FURUNO NAVNET TZtouch



          Descripion :

  • Today's  NavNet has come a long way from the first multi-function display. Take  one look and you will see just how far. A generous 9" or 14.1" display  with edge-to-edge glass makes for a clean and stylish installation. The  LED backlighting pushes light through every pixel on the screen for  remarkable brightness. Anti-reflective glass coating is visible under  any lighting condition. Configure the displays with a wide variety of  sensors to build a navigation suite that meets your individual  requirements .
  • NavNet’s  revolutionary RotoKey™ now merges the power and versatility of touch  screen control with an easy-to-use rotary knob. One turn of the RotoKey™  gives you instant access to full control of NavNet TZtouch.

                FURUNO NAVNET TZtouch 2



           Description :

  • Following in the footsteps of the original NavNet TZtouch, TZtouch2 features a refined user interface that is all about usability.
    Whether you are searching for hot fishing grounds, plotting your next route, using your Radar to navigate through the fog, you can expect smooth operation with familiar touch gestures.
  • You can “Edge Swipe” from all four sides to access various options.  Swiping from the left of the screen reveals the NavData panel, where you  can customize contents to simplify navigation and chart usage. You can  set the autopilot, check tide information and much more.  Swipe down from the top of the screen and display page options drop down  for quick and easy access.  Swipe the right side to view contextually appropriate menus, and swipe  from the bottom for chart and data layer options. Rather than digging  through menus, all of the important options are now just a swipe away.  
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