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The main document that regulates the staffing of ships navigating devices is SOLAS Convention.The Convention entered into force on May 25, 1980 In 1981 The International Maritime Organization adopted amendments to SOLAS-74.Under these amendments, the text of regulation 12,'The ship's navigation equipment' chapter 5 'Safety of Navigation' ,It includes requirements related to the installation on ships navigating devices.The adopted amendments entered into force on September 1, 1984.From this moment navigating devices installed on ships should have specifications no lower than those indicated in the documents.
A rose of a gyro course indicator (repeater) must be graded by one degree or part of a degree. Every 10 ° are marked with numbers from 0 to 360 ° clockwise.Lighting repeater should be sufficient for the removal of rate readings at any time(?).The brightness must be adjusted.
On the stationary vessel as well as rolling and pitching motion with a period of oscillation of 6 to 15, an amplitude of 5 ° and a maximum horizontal acceleration of 0.22 m / s2 at latitudes up to 60 ° gyro must come in meridian is not more than 6 hours following activation.
It is necessary that the gyro function reliably when subjected to vibration, moisture, temperature variations in the extent that can be positioned on the appliance installation, as well as in an alternating magnetic field.
The ship's power supply should provide continuous operation of the gyrocompass.Each device gyro must be protected from changes in current and voltage, overload in transient modes, as well as from accidental changes in supply voltage polarity.If there are multiple power supplies need to be able to quickly switch from one gyro one another.
The main instrument and gyrocompass repeaters for bearing must be installed parallel to the plane of the vessel with an accuracy of ± 0.5 °.Lubber(Heading?) line and the center of rose should be placed in the same vertical plane.Gyro must be Corrector speed deviation and signaling devices on the main fault.
       TOKYO KEIKI TOKIMEC TG8000 / 8500



  • Gygo series TG-8000 (TG-8500) is  «DRY», there are no supporting liquid inside, and no need service ( maintenance free ). Has longer service life.

  • The gyrocompass has the wide range of output signals. TG-8000 developed in compact case, consists of two blocks: master-compass & control unit.

  • The gyrocompass of TG-8500 has approval for use in high-speed vessels.

  • The same type of gyro also manufactured as brand  Simrad: GC-80 (TG-8000) & GC-85 (TG-8500).

  • The cost of gyro's TG-8000 under the order on market RK lower, than at gyro's with
    the similar parameters, that in total with the simplified maintenance
    is disputable advantage of this equipment.

  • is suitable for vessel speed to 70 knots (TG-8500)
  • high speed of processing (75 о/с)
  • high speed TX serial data (IEC61162-2)
  • Possible to connect external Heading Sensor
  • More easy for installation with 2 sets ( For the moun 2 gyro )
  • Function of the timer of start-up.

   Picking can change in dependence on the requirement of the customer.
  • The TG-8000/8500 model is developed on the basis of the previous versions of TG which have been established more than in 800 vessels and have shown high reliability, excellent working capacity and compatibility with the equipment.
  • Gyro TG-8000 designed according IMO standart for the mounting on different sea & river vessels, also type TG-8500 developed  for the high-speed courts.

                      YOKOGAWA CMZ900


     Technical data of the gyro YOKOGAWA CMZ900:

  • Time to ready for operation 5 Hrs — normal start
  • The established error 0,25° х secLat
  • Dynamic error 0,75° х secLat
  • Accuracy of tracking of a course - less 0,1°
  • Speed of tracking of a course 30°/sec
  • Admissible angles of rolling of the vessel 40°
  • Input power  of Master - compass  24 VDC
  • Power supply 100/110/115/220/230 В ~ 50/60 Hz on 24 VDC
  • Working temperature range -10..+55 °С

      Optional :

  • Course signal translator  ( For the connect old repeater gyro's: KURS , AMUR )
  • Power supply 220 vac / 24 vdc
  • RMRS certificate
  • NMEA buffer

        Picking can change in dependence on the requirement of the customer.
    • The system configuration can easily be adapted to each vessel's specifications.
      IEC 61162-2 high-speed code is available for the heading and rate of turn (ROT) outputs.
      A unique anti-vibration system enhanced by the velocity damping effect of high viscous oil, provides superior damping of vibration and decoupling of shock at sea.
      A small and lightweight container enhances the follow up speed. The gyrocompass changes smoothly and does not lag when a small vessel rapidly changes course.
      A space-saving design: the master compass can be installed on the autopilot stand.
      The restart time can be preset from 1 to 99 hours.


               Technical data of the gyro Standard 22 :

    • Speed of working off of the watching system : 100° / sec.
    • Dynamic error : 0,4° x sec. latitudes
    • Working external temperature : from -10°C to +55°C
    • Power consumption in the start mode : 80 - 140 Wt
    • External temperature at storage : from -25°C to +70°C
    • OUTPUT's : 2x NMEA 0183., 1x turning course data, 2х output CAN-BUS
    • Normal onboard and kiel rolling : ±45°
    • Alarm signals : Lost power, System error, Fault gyro work.
    • Work life time: 12 years
    • Work gyrosphere life time : 43 000 Hrs ( 5 years )
    • Weight  ( main unit ) : 17,5 kg
    • The established error : 0,1° x sec. latitudes
    • Static error : 0,1° x sec. latitudes
    • Time to coming in meridian : 1 Hrs – quick start, 3 Hrs – normal start
    • Input power: 24 (18-36) VDC
    • Manufacturer: Raytheon Anschütz
    • OUTPUT's with using Distribution Unit:
    • 1) 12x RS 422 tuning data or NMEA 0183.
    • 2) 1x RS 232C for the printer.
    • 3) Rate-of-Turn ±10 В direct current for 30°/min, 100°/min., 300°/min.

         Optional :

    • Course signal translator  ( For the connect old repeater gyro's: KURS , AMUR )
    • Power supply 220 VDC / 24 VDC
    • RMRS certificate
    • NMEA buffer

                Picking can change in dependence on the requirement of the customer.

      • Raytheon Anschütz is the market leader for sophisticated gyro compass technology with more than 100 years of experience. The Standard 22 combines proven technology and long maintenance intervals with advanced features. Its accuracy, reliability, and cost effectiveness over lifetime make the Standard 22 the most popular gyro compass in the market – sold for more than 18,000 times. The Standard 22 gyro compass is type approved in accordance with IMO standards.
      • The Standard 22 gyro compass was designed as a modular system to meet customer requirements. The system consists of up to three gyro compasses and can include an operator unit and a distribution unit. Another gyro, a magnetic compass, a satellite compass, and/or an external rate-of-turn gyro can be integrated as additional sensors. A wide range of accessories is available.

                          NGSM NAVIGAT X MK II


             Description :

      • Manufactured accordinr IMO A.424(XI), A.694(17) and ISO 8728
      • Has an appove Wheelmark - one block
      • Input power : 2 seperated powe-line ( 220 VAC ; 24 VDC )
      • LCD display and buttom on the door cover for the control and configuring parameters
      • High accuracy of the direction of the movement
      • Static secant of latitude it is less than 0.1°
      • Dynamic secant of latitude it is less then 0.4°
      • The automatic static correction of speed - additional devices aren't required
      • Display of data on angular speed
      • High speed TX - data
      • Automatic synchronization of external repeaters according IEC-61162-1 / RS422
      • In case full blackout, the gyro stand in meridian during 3 min .
      • Intervals between technical services of 18 month
      • Functions of monitoring of all system with the alarm system
      • Long storage of operational data
      • More than 250 services Sperry Marine around the world

             Consumption of power supply :

      • Just power ON          80 Wt DC
      • Working mode          45 Wt DC
      • Each repeater (analog)        8 Wt DC
            Sizes and weight :
      • width         404 mm
      • height        520 mm
      • weight         21 kg

                   Picking can change in dependence on the requirement of the customer.
        • The NAVIGAT X MK 2 Digital Gyro Compass system provides a cost-effective solution that satisfies the international carriage requirements for a type-approved marine gyrocompass.
        • The NAVIGAT X MK 2 is a cost-efficient way to benefit from the latest gyrocompass technology of Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, ensuring high accuracy and reliability under all weather conditions.
        • Gyro Compass system remains north-stabilized during power interruptions of up to three minutes
        • Complies with IMO regulations A.424(XI), A.694(17) and ISO 8728
        • MED (Wheelmark) approval
        • Comprises one single unit
        • Short maintenance and repair times - low service costs

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