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                     MARITIME EPIRB'S

  • Since its inception in 1982 the Cospas-Sarsat System has provided emergency data that contributed to the rescue of more than 20531 people in the 5752 search and rescue (EOD) operations.The system carries out radio monitoring in the frequency range 406,0-406,1 MHz and 121.5 MHz, where the signals of distress beacons transmitted. On February 1, 2009 Signal processing stops on 121.5 MHz.

  • The geographical position of the emitting distress beacons is determined automatically by the system with an accuracy of 2-3 km for the beacons operating at 406 MHz, and up to 20 km for the beacons operating at 121.5 MHz.In accordance with international and national requirements set to the Russian courts are subject only beacon models are approved by Russian Maritime Administration and have the corresponding certificate.
   Each ARB-406 should be formed from the digital message, which is transmitted in emergency situations.The main data contained in the report
   of the beacon is the registration code of the country of the vessel or ARB, and its identification number.
  • All ARB-406, installed on ships sailing under the flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan, shall be subject to mandatory registration with the base of the International COSPAS-SARSAT with 436 code (cospas-sarsat.org) .
      For register EPIRB in IBRD requires the following information :

  1. EPIRB's model and serial number
  2. Type of protocol
  3. Country code
  4. Programmed 15-HEX ID
  5. Type and name of the vessel
  6. Port of registry
  7. Crew ( quantity )
  8. Call sign
  9. IMO
  10. Shipowner
  11. Shipowner address
  12. 24-Hours responsuble person
  13. Company e-mail for the receiving registration confirmation

In accordance with IMO guidelines peiodicheskaya re beacons should be provided, in order to keep up to date state of data contained in the registration database.Periodic re-ARB installed on ships sailing on the Russian flag, is done once in two years. If you change the login information of any previously registered beacon, a beacon to be an extraordinary re-registration.Emergency beacons installed on ships, intended to be used only in real emergencies. Receiving signals ARB-406 system COSPAS-SARSAT is the basis for carrying out the rescue operation.Any switching-on ARB-406, is not associated with the emergency and distress signals are classified as unauthorized.If such a switch has occurred, you should immediately stop radiation ARB-406, by any means and ways to communicate with the nearest or any rescue co-ordination center and cancel the false alarm ARB-406, with no penalties or other sanctions to the guilty will not be applied.Otherwise, persons who have committed unauthorized transfer of parcels disaster ARB-406, and will not call such parcels, compensate all the costs of the deployment of search and rescue operations, and, in addition, a fine may be imposed on them.Before registering the beacon must be properly programmed. Programming (coding) in accordance with the documents of the COSPAS-SARSAT system, maintenance and checking of the ARB-406 deals with qualified staff of our company in onshore conditions with appropriate instrumentation.The content of each test, including self lifting device (hydrostat), replacement batteries, and maintenance of fact shall be entered in the form of ARB-406.The content of each test, including self lifting device (hydrostat), replacement batteries, and maintenance of fact shall be entered in the form of ARB-406.Satellite ARB-406 must be inspected every 12 months.

McMurdo E5 Smartfind 406 EPIRB



       Description :

  • Designed to meet the requirements of both the commercial and  recreational user, the E5 features transmits on 406 and 121.5MHz and  includes a high brightness LED light which helps rescue services locate  you at night or in poor visibility. Location is determined within 5km (3  miles) by measuring the doppler shift of the EPIRB's signal through the  COSPAS-SARSAT network. Once in the area, rescue services are then able  to pinpoint your precise location using inbuilt 121.5Mhz homing  transmitter.
  • The Smartfind/E5 EPIRB battery offers a minimum 48hr operation and a 6  year battery life. The Smartfind/E5 also features a comprehensive  diagnostic and self-test facility to keep you up to date on remaining  battery usage and EPIRB operation. The EPIRB is supplied with a manual  release bracket.
  • IMO Approved
  • Non hazardous battery for safe andeasy transportation
  • Unique CARRYSAFE bracket forsafe transportation
  • High brightness LED flashing locator lights
  • Integrated 12 channel GPS (PLUS version)
  • Comprehensive diagnostic and self-test facilities
  • Once activated, will transmit for a minimum of 48 hours
  • 5 year battery life
  • The Smartfind/E5 EPIRB is supplied with a float free housing which  automatically deploys and activates the EPIRB if the boat is sinking.  The Smartfind/E5 features a comprehensive diagnostic and self-test  facility to keep you up to date on remaining battery usage and EPIRB  operation.
  • 406/121.5MHz EPIRB ;
  • International approval ;
  • High brightness flashing LED light ;
  • Minimum 48hr continuous operation ;
  • 6 year battery storage life ;
  • Comprehensive self test facility with battery use indicator ;
  • Automatic float free housing deploys the EPIRB when submerged over 2-4m ;
  • 5 year warranty .





       Description :

  •  Weight:                                                            770 g
  •  Antenna:                                       Integreten with vertical polarisation
  •  Visual alarm:                                             xenon 0.75Cd
  •  Temperature mode:
  •  Work                                                    20...+55°С, Class 2
  •  Store                                                        -30...+70°С

  • Working time:                                               48 hRs
  • Frequency:                                           406,025 MHz ± 1kHz
  • P out:                                                              5Wt
  • Message:                                           Serial, MMSI & CAll sign
  • Battery lifetime:                                             5 years


  • The SGE-II version is equipped with the built-in GPS receiver which allows to define location of EPIRB during search and rescue operations. The xenon flash allows to define visually location of a buoy at far distances.
  • The EPIRB of SAILOR is delivered in completely closed case. In case of use of EPIRB as an additional means of safety, not according to requirements of GMDSS, delivery without case, with fixture on a partition is possible.
  • Activation of EPIRB is made automatically at hit in water, or manually by means of the hidden button in a back part of a buoy. The button of self-testing allows to check operability of EPIRB quickly.


SAMYUNG Co.,Ltd. SEP - 500



           Description :

         Transmitter 406 mHz

  • Frequency                                             406.025 mHz±2ppm
  • Pout                                                          5 Wt ± 2 dB
  • Modulation                                             G1B , Bi phase L
  • TX bitrate                                                    400 bPs.
  • Antenna                                                   Omnidirectional

           Transmitter 121,5 mHZ
  • Frequency                                                121.5 mHz±2ppm
  • Pout                                                           ≥ 75 mWt
  • Modulation               A3×, AM, Sweep Tone от max 1600 Hz to down min 300 Hz
  • Development range                                      ≥ 700 Hz
  • Scanning rate                                                    2,5

            Complete set :

  • EPIRB unit with power supply inside
  • Plastic casing with mechanical fastening
  • Hydrostatic release SHE-02
  • Instruction manual
  • Certificete RMRS / RRR
  • SAMYUNG SEP-500 - float free EPIRB with the built-in GPS receiver which transmits distress signals for detection to search and rescue services.
  • The built-in GPS receiver increases the accuracy of definition of location of a EPIRB SEP-500 due to obtaining coordinates, unlike early versions of the similar equipment
  • SAMYUNG SEP-500 can be established on any vessel, irrespective of the size and tonnage. The manual switch for self-testing is provided in a design of SEP-500, and also there is a protection against his wrong use - by means of system of switches: water activation switch, magnet switch.
  • The case of a SAMYUNG SEP-500 is manufactured of bright orange plastic of the high durability (ABS).
  • The SAMYUNG SEP-500 meets regulations and requirements imposed on GMDSS equipment and has certificates on approval of type of the Russian River Register (RRR) and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS).





             Description :

  • Dimension :                                       380 × Ø180 mm
  • Weight :                                                 2 kg
  • Body material :                  Polycarbonate from 10% of fiber glass
  • Antenna :                   built in with vertical polarization, omnidirectional
  • Visual alarm :              built-in xenon beacon and test LED indicator
            Temperature :
  • In operate :                                 -20...+55°С, Class 2
  • Optional :                                    -40...+55°С, Class 1
  • Working litetime :                    more than 48 hRs,  t -20°C
  • Frequency :                                   406,037 MHz ± 2ppm
  • Pout :                                                   5W ± 2dB
  • Digital msg :                          support of all protocols of messages
  • Coding :                                                Bi phase L
  • Short-term :                                           ≤ 10-9
  • Medium-term :                                       ≤ 10-9
  • Residual noise :                                      ≤ 3×10-9
  • TX Bitrate :                                             400 b/s
  • Hydrostatic :                               H-20 Hammar with Jotron bolt
  • Battery pack :                              JOTRON X-97780 , lithium
  • Jotron Tron 40S Mk II – the EPIRB which is completely meeting requirements of GMDSS, IMO and SOLAS. By EPIRB of Tron 40S MK II it is developed for use on sea, river vessels and in liferafts, has approval of RMRS and meets all necessary requirements and rules shown to EPIRB's 406 MHz, used when carrying out search and rescue operations at the sea, the rivers, reservoirs and lakes .






       Description :

  • The Jotron company represents the new device: Tron 60S/GPS radio beacon intended for transfer of coordinates of location in emergency situations. The beacon has the small sizes (height of 340 mm, the maximum diameter of 128 mm) and weight (680 g) that does it very convenient in operation.
  • The device is completely hermetic, the warranty period of storage constitutes 5 years. The beacon is intended for operation at a temperature from-20 to + 55 degrees Celsius, operating time constitutes at least 48 hours at a temperature of-20 degrees.
  • The device thanks to the sizes will be ideal for picking of vessels of any class, including sailing, commercial, fishing boats and yachts.

  • Guarantee of the manufacturer of 5 years ;
  • Explosion-proof battery ;
  • Various types braket fastenings ;
  • Excellent visibility at activation ;
  • Operating temperature range    -20°С ÷ +55°С ;
  • Storage at a temperature          -30°С ÷ +65°С ;
  • Time of continuous work        min 48 Hrs t= -20°С ;
  • Weight  2 kg .
  • Jotron Tron 60S/GPS – the EPIRB of the KOSPAS-SARSAT system with the built-in GPS module which is completely meeting requirements of GMSSB, IMO and SOLAS. By EPIRB of Tron 60S/GPS it is developed for use on sea, river vessels and in liferafts, has approval of RMRS and meets all necessary requirements and rules shown to ARB 406 MHz, used when carrying out search and rescue operations at the sea, the rivers, reservoirs and lakes.


                URANIS  PRO-5 EPIRB




                  Description :

    1.  406 mHz Transmitter  
  •    Frequency :                                                      406,028 mHz + 1 kHz  
  •    Pout :                                                                       5 Wt  
  •    Modulation :                                                        phase (16K0GID)

    2.  121.5 mHz Transmitter
  •     Frequency :                                                      121,5 mHz + 5 kHz
  •     Pout :                                                                     50 mW
  •     Modulation :                                                    AM sweep tone (3K20A3X)

    3.   LED beacon
  •   Type :                                                        highly effective white light-emitting diode
  •   Light intensity :                                                          min 0,75 cd
  •   Flash frequency :                                                       3 sec. per time
  •    Power supply :                                                          lithium battery
  •   Operating time :                                                          min 48 Hrs
  •    Lifetime :                                                                       5 years
  •   Water resistance :                                                            10 m
  •    Operating temperature :                                            -20ºС  to  +55ºС
  •    Store temperature :                                                  -30ºС  to + 70ºС
  •    Activation :                                        Automatic, at a depth up to 4 m or manual
  •   Weight :                                                                        1,3 kg
  • The EPIRB URANIS PRO-5 is intended for work with international satellite search and rescue of COSPAS-SARSAT. He completely corresponds to the last edition of the documents COSPAS-SARSAT, the resolution of IMO (International Maritime Organization), requirements of GMDSS, the convention SOLAS. PRO-5 is a freely emerging device. The EPIRB PRO-5 is established on the open deck.
  • PRO-5 is developed on the latest technologies, has the small sizes and weight, and also low energy consumption.
  • PRO-5 it is certified on MED (WheelMark) and Rosmorrechflot, CCS (China Classification Society) has certificates of the Shipping register of Ukraine, the Russian Maritime register of shipping, the certificate on approval.

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