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                   Bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS)


  • IMO MSC.86 (May 2009) decided to make the BNWAS mandatory for all  ships of 150 GT and upwards, engaged in international voyage, and  passenger ships irrespective of size, constructed on or after 1 July  2011, also engaged in international voyage, shall be fitted with the  BNWAS which shall be in operation when the ship is underway at sea.
  • Ships constructed prior to 1st July 2011 will have to retrofit the BNWAS by the 1st survey after that date.

                     BNWAS MT BW - 707


                              Description :      

  • A Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System BW-707 from MARINE TECHNICS company, abbreviated BNWAS, is an automatic system which sounds an alarm if the watch officer on the bridge  of a ship falls asleep. becomes otherwise incapacitated, or is absent  for too long a time.
  • BNWAS BW-707 is intended for detection of incapacity of the  log assistant and the automatic notice of it the captain or other  assistant. It is provided with sequence of visual and sound disturbing  signals to the log assistant, and in the absence of confirmation from  him - watch officer and afterwards and to all crew. Also provide to  calling watch officer by special function of alarm call.
      - Very simple menu
     - Easy to installation
     - the small display which doesn't distract the watch officer and allows to concentrate completely on          a task
      - completely corresponds  IMO - Solas Chapter V Regulation 19, Resolution MSC.282(86)
     BNWAS BW-707 has necessary certificates and certificates on type approval.
  • The Bridge navigational watch alarm system BW-707 is intended for detection of incapacity of the watchman and the automatic notification of the captain or other assistant.
  • It is provided with the sequence of visual and sound alarm signals to the watchman, and in the absence of confirmation from him - to a chief crew, and afterwards and to all crew.
  • Besides, BNWAS BW-707 also provides the watchman with means of the emergency call of the immediate help.
  • The BNWAS BW-707 system has necessary certificates and certificates on approval of type.



                 СКДВП NAVITRON NT-991


              Description :       

  • The Navitron NT991BNWAS completely conforms to requirements of the resolution of IMO MSC and together with the unit of the digital WAS DIU interface also conforms to requirements of the IEC 62616.128 (75) IEC standard, also has approval of RMRS. Has step sequence of a signaling: visual on the bridge, sound on the bridge, the subwatchman's call, a signaling on the vessel. Navitron NT991 BNWAS duplicates the watchman automatically giving a signal to the captain and other crew members of the vessel if the watchman doesn't carry out the obligations for watch. Navitron NT991 BNWAS also has function of the emergency call if the watchman or other watchmen need an emergency aid.
  • Navitron NT991 BNWAS also can will be applied as basic system which can be used for activation of already established blocks of the alarm system; or it can be used in expanded system in cooperation with blocks of the sound notification of alarm, production of the Navitron company and the corresponding blocks of switching/distribution.
  • Input power 24V for not big vessels, 110/220 AC for heavy-tonnage vessels.

  • Corresponding the requirements of RMRS and IMO .
  • It is approved by MED and all main classification societies .
  • No need to order additional power supply unit (18-40VDC и 115/230VAC) .
  • The built-in switch of the unit of alarm for each level.
  • Integral unit of the digital interface for VDR / autopilot and alarm .
  • Integral  WAS UPS .
  • Time countdown indicator .
  • Possibility of use as a signaling - unauthorized penetration on the bridge.
  • World service and English quality .
  • Предлагаем Вашему вниманию оборудование, которое впервые в мире одобрено  в MED - СКДВП (система контроля дееспособности вахтенного помощника)  фирмы NAVITRON (Великобритания), модели NT991 BNWAS. Оборудование  сертифицировано в РМРС и Минсвязи.


              BNWAS FURUNO BR-500



       Description :       

  • For monitoring of the wathcman, FURUNO offers in addition the motion sensor. Besides, the additional panel of a flashing signaling allowing the watchman to recognize a visual signaling is provided.


                                             Standard complete set :


                       Optional :


  • The BNWAS BR-500 system of production FURUNO controls of the watchman with use of functions of a security system. The watchman shall press the button on the panel of zeroing of the timer or make any actions with navigation equipment (for example, ECDIS, Radar, other) through the certain intervals of time set in the range from 3 to 12 minutes.
  • If the watchman doesn't click during beforehand given interval of time, in the wheelhouse the visual and sound signaling run. If the wathman doesn't react to a switched on signaling, BR-500 transmits a signal to the cabin panels set in other locations of the vessel to inform the captain and/or other crew to the captain on incapacity of the watchman.


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