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                       MARITIME AUTOPILOT

  • Autopilot can make turns and change the ship's course to a predetermined value.As soon as the sensor signal is received autopilot, steering wheel shifts by a predetermined angle in the direction which is opposite to the care of the ship off course.As soon begins to return to the previous course, the autopilot removes the wheel, and then, holding it shifts the steering wheel in the opposite side of the same.Automatic mode - the main mode of the autopilot.

  • Under normal circumstances, usually sailing ship "prowl" in the right and left sides on the same number of degrees. But there are cases of asymmetric "yaw" in other sailing conditions.For example, when the storm and pitching in a seaway, and when the vehicle is continuously "prowl" in the right and left sides on the same number of degrees, the autopilot is in this case the adjustment of its sensitivity to change the course of the "yaw".This adjustment allows the ship in a storm to make small deviation from the set course.The most common such type of autopilot, which is installed on board ships with medium and large tonnage.This type is called a non-contact automatic steering (ADB).The main unit of the autopilot - Remote Control - installed in the wheelhouse.



        Description :           

  • The autopilot Furuno NAVpilot-711C has color LCD display of high resolution.
  • Since the first building at the mooring and before the last voyage inclusive, the NAVpilot constantly analyzes characteristics of controllability of the vessel. It gives the chance to make their expeditious adjustment taking into account the vessel speed, a trim, draft, wind, currents, weather and other factors. The obtained data remain in memory of the device with the subsequent optimization for increase in operational flexibility of NAVpilot.

        Main features :

  • "Adaptive" technology for constant, from voyage to voyage, improvement of NAVpilot of parameters of steering by the vessel .
  • Various user configurations of screens thanks to multifunctional LCD display of high resolution .
  • Automatic configuration and self-learning ability on the speed and a course of the vessel .
  • One-touch control in the STBY, NAV and AUTO modes .
  • Maneuvering on a track of a circle, an orbit, a spiral, "eight", a square or a zigzag around fish or other target about use of the "FishHunter" function .
  • Connection in network to six control units of full-size NAVpilot-700 .
  • The Fantum Feedback application developed by Furuno excludes need of the separate block of feedback with a wheel and differs in simplicity of installation and accuracy of control of a course .
  • The additional new SAFE HELM and POWER ASSIST modes provide incredibly easy to use and functional control of the vessel by means of a steering wheel .
  • The modes of navigation "Economy" and "Precision" chosen by the user combine possibilities of adaptive technology and fuel - and energy saving more than 2,5% ** .
  • Compatibility with the Volvo Penta IPS drive .
  • High precision of preservation of a course on XTE: within 0,003 miles .
  • Excellently is suitable for sailing and motor vessels, including with suspended motors .
  • The choice of the mode one contact allows to achieve more flexible controllability and more exact deduction on a course .
  • Control of the autopilit from TZtouch/TZtouch2 devices of NavNet network .

                         @furuno.com                                                  Scheme of connection    

  • NavPilot-711C autopilot with color LCD display. It is intended for use in various vessels. Operating modes include Auto (control of the Course), Advanced Auto (with use of automatic control of movement over ground), Auto Work for towage and NAV Mode (control of the Course or course deviation) at integration into navigation sensors.


              AUTOPILOT SAURA SA - 10


                  Description :         

  • Fast reaction of the autopilot for deduction of a course at change of a navigation situation .
  • Possibility of use of one or two control units without additional connecting blocks .
  • Convenient handles of control and the informative display allow to steer the vessel easily .
  • Possibility of connection to a source of coordinates (GLONASS/GPS) and use waypoints data .
  • I/O digital data (NMEA) .
  • Available "manual" and "automatic" modes .
  • Easy for installation .
  • Intuitively clear menu .

                 Technical data :

  • Inpot power:                                                           13,8 - 30 VDC
  • Current consumption:                              0,34 А (In St-by); 1,4 А (Normal)
  • Accuracy:                                             ±1° use magetic compass type Sin-Cos
                                                                    ±0° use NMEA from external compass
  • Course display:                                                  0-359° with a step 1°
  • Indication of wheel feather:    graphic on display (use external analog repeater - arrow display)
  • Mass-dimensional sizes
                                  194 х 94 х 94 mm.; 1,5 kg.
  • Input's type:                                magnetic compass sensor Sin-Cos  NMEA-HDT or HDM
                                                                Data GNSS/GPS NMEA0183-APB or BOD&XTE
  • Output's type:                       NMEA0183-HCHDM Saura SA-10 format (interval 0,3 sec .)

                                                                 Scheme of connection   

  • More than 30 years the Saura company makes autosteering systems and delivers them worldwide. The SA-10 series has the characteristics meeting the most modern requirements imposed to autopilot system from supervisory authorities and shipowners. Crew of any professional level, using Saura autopilot, can easily and precisely hold a course.





        Desciption :       

  • The Navitron NT888G uses system of adaptive control which is responsible for automatic monitoring and self-adjustment for ensuring optimum productivity. Powerful and technologically advanced ship autopilot conforms to requirements of resolutions of IMO and ISO, maintains ample opportunities of control and is suitable for use in vessels of different types at different speeds: from fishing vessels with a small speed to high-speed passenger ferries.

                       Typical scopes of the autopilot NT888G :
  • High-speed rescue vessels ;
  • Passenger ferries ;
  • Deep-water fishing vessels and working boats ;
  • Tugs ;
  • Oil tanker's ;
  • General cargo vessels .

                         Technical data :

  • Consumption :                                 10 Wt (Operation mode), 2 Wt (Max. Lighting)
  • Input power :                                                 24 VDC (11-40 VDC)
  • The solenoid over existing
    magnetic compass
    :                                  HSC1 or HSC2 Accuracy +/-1°
                                                        (deduction of the vessel on the scheduled course)
  • Safe distance to a compass
                          0,5 m (Control unit),
                                                                         1,5 m (junction unit)
  • Working temperature range :                    from -20° to +60°C
  • Dimension :                                  204 × 132 × 48,4 mm (Control panel unit),
                                                              300 × 300 × 120 mm (junction unit)
  • Weight :                                                       1,8 kg (Control unit),
                                                                          9,5 kg (junction unit)
  • Vessel's gross tonnage :                                 till 3000 r.t.
  • Programmable turns
                             RAD / ROT & U Turns and e.t.c.

  • Navitron NT888G Autopilot — the ship autopilot, the management system a vessel rate certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) and held for use on ocean ships with a gross tonnage up to 3000 рег. tons as navigation equipment. A management system a vessel rate also certified by the Russian River Register (RRR).

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